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if outsorcing will be key for smaller local banks, they need to rethink their approach anyway. Both small and large banks come from a "product" driven culture, hence the need for small "local" players to create strong intimacy and branding with their customers.
Leaving aside the technology this seems to me quite a challenge anyway.

Dr. Berthold Kaib

Excellent analysis. Key for survival will be a clear strategic focus on the question which business will I (= the bank) do with which customer by using which technological means?Looking at the German experience there is profitable room for everybody as long as a clear strategy is followed through and "the me too" factor is reduced. To achieve this outsourcing of parts of the "production" will be a success factor to reduce costs by achieving a pay per use mode.


“We can say that information is data structured to answer a question and that knowledge is information being applied to solve a human problem. Usually that knowledge is in people’s heads when they take decisions.” : fully agree, managers are the key point and the good managers with the right method in their mind, are the real asset of companies, banks included.

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